Brandes Rabbitry  We specialize in Meat Pen Rabbits.                                             We can sell MeatPenRabbits for your show as individuals, or in bulk to a 4-H, FFA Leader or Sponsor. 
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Hallettsville, Lavaca County, Texas
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About Brandes Rabbitry
Brandes Rabbitry got is start as most do; raising meat pens for a local show. Rabbits in our family goes way back. Jeff's father's family raised rabbits all the time as many home owners did. They had a few rabbits, back when people raised there own meat and raised there own garden behind the house. On Jeff's mother's side is where the most influence and teaching came from. Her brother was a Pioneer in the Californian Rabbits in the Coastal Bend area of Texas. Fort Bend County Texas to be more exact. This mans name was George Zwahr. He says all there was in the area was New Zealands, before he got Cals, back in the 70's.
Jeff can remember when he started 4-H rabbits that his Dad had purchased two does and one buck from George Zwahr and Mike and Ed Withrow. After a test litter was on the ground, Uncle George came to see how we did. Jeff remembers him teaching how to properly pose the rabbit. Rear toe at the hip and that should be the top of the loin. Front toes below the eyes. Uncle George signed him up for Membership into the ARBA. Uncle George bought some bunnies that day and did well with them.

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